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I am a well-rounded artist who has been in the music industry for 15 years. A singer with 15 years of experience, with extensive research on jazz and Brazilian music. I released my first solo album in 2020 and I am scheduled to release two more albums in 2021.

With great versatility in musical genres and extensive experience working with different artists from around the world, I have managed to develop my own signature in each sound I make.




It is my first solo album, produced by Cuban bassist Aniel Someillan as a result of my 10 years of studies and research in Brazil and Latin America. The album has been nominated by the audience as "Best Jazz Album" by the Min Awards in Spain in 2021. Eight of the ten songs on the album are original. The album transits between Jazz, Brazilian and Cuban music, without neglecting the influences of Spanish music.

It was recorded in São Paulo in 2019 at the Arsis studio and released in May 2020.

ODISSEY (Collective Album)

Alba Santos

Aniel Someillan

Isaias Alves

Anurag Naidu


It was January 2020 and we did not know that the world would stop in a matter of days, a week before the global closure, I immersed myself together with 3 other artists from India, Brazil and Cuba, in a creation process of 7 full days, creating, arranging and recording what has become the Odissey album, the result of the encounter between the 4 musical cultures. Afrofrenia is the first single from the album, which was released in February 2021, a music that combines Afrobeat influences with a jazz accent and Afro-Cuban rhythms. Where melodic lines and rhythms constantly intertwine, simulating the feeling of an unbridled mind. The full album is scheduled for release this year.

Apart from having a great experience with bands and with acoustic and analog music, I have always been very interested in more modern sounds and new horizons, so in 2020 I started releasing music with the American producer Ples Jones while flirting with other genres. Some singles are already available, and we plan to release the EP "Love Episodes" in the second half of 2021.

After the stoppage of the live shows sector in 2020, I decided to dive into the world of production, meeting a great need to produce, arrange and design my own sound. This decision ended up bringing me to the city of Madrid, after 15 years traveling the world, where I just completed the Urban Music Certificate at SAE Institute, finishing my studies with an Honorary Degree and with my first production nominated for the “Best Production” award. de Música Urbana 2021 ”at the“ SAE Creative Awards ”.

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