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With more than 10 years experience in the best hotel brands in the world, Alba Santos has a team of entertainers that will suite different events. High quality entertainment with the best music from Jazz, Bossa Nova and Bolero to Pop Top40 hits played live to amaze your guests to a different level experience.



We build the best environment for your venue, entertaining guests and creating an unforgettable experience for your visitors. 

"Each time I have visited Bangkok my friends & I make it a point to have a few drinks at lebua's Sky Bar bar with it's spectacular views.

On this last December trip I was impressed by Alba Santos whose voice is absolutely incredible- the song choices, how she commands the stage and the atmosphere she creates makes everyone get up on their feet.
The band is also incredible, especially Tony on the drums.
If you go to Bangkok make it a point to go to the Sky bar & enjoy some fantastic live music with Alba & the band".

Google Review by Delilah Valaydon,

guest at Lebua Bangkok 2023


Alba Santos is a versatile singer, soloist, and accomplished band leader specializing in jazz bolero and bossa nova. With a proven track record of successful engagements in renowned five-star hotels and cruise lines worldwide, Alba has left her musical mark at esteemed establishments like Sofitel, Shangri-La, Jumeirah, Lebua’s First World Vertical Destination and Royal Caribbean.

Alba's artistry extends beyond her vocal prowess; her captivating personality infuses every performance with joy and sophistication, elevating any venue she graces.

Alba's scat singing skills exemplify her brilliance as a musician, adding a unique dimension to her shows. Her eclectic repertoire, spanning over 400 songs in 3 different languages guarantees a distinctive and enchanting experience every night, encompassing jazz, bossa nova, boleros, soul-funk, and pop grooves.

Furthermore, Alba's performances have garnered acclaim from diverse audiences across America, Asia, and Europe. Her intuitive understanding of audience preferences, combined with her international appeal, ensures an unforgettable musical journey.

She was both times winner of the Brazilian Popular Music Contest in Brazil founded by Antonio Carlos Jobim, and was nominated as best composition for the International SAE school in Madrid. Her first album was also nominated for best jazz album by the audience for the MIN prizes in Spain. 

Alba has even graced prestigious jazz venues worldwide, including the renowned Blue Note. Her commitment to delivering exceptional music and creating memorable moments defines her as a true musical luminary.


Steffano Tabellini2.png

"I had the pleasure to have Alba Santos as Singer & Manager of Trio Band at

Jumeirah Maldives Resort during last April 2022.

Throughout her time with us in Maldives, she demonstrated great skills as Band Singer and as person in charge for the music entertainment provided at the resort during the mentioned time".


Steffano Tabellini - Jumeirah Maldives Director of Food & Beverages

"Alba has distinguished herself as a passionate, enthusiastic and gifted musician who brings great excitement to each and every performance. A number of guests have commented Alba's ability to engage her audience and develope a loyal following, is testimony of her professionalism"


Tim Wright - Shangri-la Colombo General Manager

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Five Star Entertainment Video Gallery

Five Star Entertainment Video Gallery

Five Star Entertainment Video Gallery
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Alba Santos sings live Sep 2023

Alba Santos sings live Sep 2023

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Alba Santos

Alba Santos

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Valentine's Special Show Alba Santos

Valentine's Special Show Alba Santos

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